What we do

one&zero provide experienced wireline witness and consultancy services to the upstream oil and gas industry

Our services are based on what we call OPERA: Operational Planning, Preparation, Execution, Review and Analysis.

The system takes our experiences of wireline operations and puts that into a remote witness portal for delivering the highest quality job performance at the wellsite.

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Operational Planning

  • Experience shows that poor planning generally delivers poor Performance
  • one&zero provide a cloud based planning system which builds on the vast knowledge of previous operations
  • Too many planning meetings involve discussions without all of the relevant information, planning often neglects previous lessons learned
  • one&zero captures the relevant issues as they happen and ensures that you have access whenever and wherever you need them online


  • At your request we can provide quality assurance at the equipment preparation stage
  • This is a systematic process which is documented via our job load-out system.
  • The system cross-checks the equipment being sent to the wellsite against our own database of what is required for the job
  • We ensure that all equipment and accessories that are required at the wellsite – are actually going to the wellsite, and are fit for purpose


  • During operations our logging consultants will act as your representative at the wellsite
  • Our remote witness reporting system will provide you access to the daily reports, realtime data quality control reports, pressure surveys, HSE/SQ
  • Our online systems provide our clients with the ability to add their own specific quality control checks
  • Up to date timings and reports are available to anyone with client secure access login accounts


  • The job does not end when the equipment leaves the wellsite. one&zero provide a final well report within 72hrs of job completion
  • Reporting includes the standard review of services run and recommendations for the future
  • The report document forms part of a database which is searchable, quantified, and provides a memory of all of your logging operations
  • This can form the basis of KPI analysis or reference to ensure the same mistakes are not made twice


  • one& zero’s provide detailed metrics of your service provider’s perfomance
  • Our KPIs provide a macro-level view of performance at the scale of your operations, not just for a single well
  • Easily access service provider performance indicators and benchmarks
  • Make strategic contracting decisions based on real evidence