Domain Expert Consulting (DEx)


DEx brings our customers flexible access to the most experienced data consultants in the realm of wireline and LWD data acquisition. Our consultants can provide dedicated support, individually or as a team, to deliver best-in-class support for your data acquisition operations – no matter what the challenge.

Each individual within the team is recognised as a leader in their individual specialisation (meet the team), with a minimum of 20 years working directly for a multi-national services company. Harnessing this knowledge with one&zero workflows provides unrivalled support in the following areas:

  • Data acquisition planning support
  • Real-time remote witnessing, interpretation & processing
  • Fast turnaround log interpretation, processing & analysis (“Rig Down Analysis”)
  • Integrated interpretation studies and support
  • Knowledge transfer by industry-leading experts
  • Training

DEx Services

Interpretation, processing & advisory services

Formation testing & sampling

  • Pressure & sample point selection
  • Real-time pressure & sampling support
  • Mini-frac / stress testing
  • Vertical interference testing
  • Fluid gradient analysis and mobility
  • Reservoir fluid properties analysis
  • Pressure transient analysis

Borehole seismic

  • Processing including synthetic seismogram & P-wave
  • Rig Source, Vertical Incidence (VI), Fixed Offset
  • Walkaway
  • Vertical Incidence
  • Wavelet Extraction
  • Shearwave processing
  • VSP invesion
  • Q Analysis

Borehole Imaging

  • Quicklook image QC & geosteering support
  • Image processing & dip picking
  • Fracture Analysis
  • Facies & depositional environnent analysis
  • Borehole textural analysis & image integration

Cased-hole / Well Integrity

  • Cement Bond Log Interpretation
  • Zonal Isolation / Cement Sheath
  • Corrosion, erosion, pipe distortion Interpretation
  • Multifinger Caliper
  • Production Log Interpretation
  • Reservoir Saturation / CO Interpretation
  • Wellbore flow regime analysis
  • Pressure transients
  • ABC – Analysis Behind Casing


  • Basic petrophysics services
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Elemental spectroscopy
  • Di-electric
  • Tri-axial resistivity / thin beds analysis
  • Sonic (comp/shear/anisotropy/stoneley fracture & permeability/rock mechanics)

Whether our customers are trying to optimise service selection required to deliver project objectives, require support in overseeing wellsite QC and operations, need a fast interpretation turnaround, or simply want some simple impartial advice our DEx consultants can assist.


  • Not sure which service can meet your needs?
    • We may be able to provide some alternative views and input to your decision-making so you can make the right choice.
  • Future proof your data acquisition strategy – are you acquiring more or less data than you need?
    • Have confidence that any current or future data requirements are covered – understand where services can provide a solution, and when they may not.
  • Have you considered all the service provider alternatives to meet your data acquisition objectives?
    • There is a vast array of open-hole and cased-hole services and vendors out there. Do you have the right tool for the job?
  • Can you be confident the data you have spent months planning to acquire is fit for purpose when the tools are rigged down?
    • Ensure data quality at the time of acquisition with quick turnaround and rig down interpretation services.
  • Extend your companies internal capabilities by utilising our expertise.
    • Our DEx consultants can fit seamlessly into your organisation and workflow on a short term basis to meet any knowledge or capacity gaps.

We pride ourselves in being

  • Independent – one&zero has established a reputation for quality and putting the customer first. Our consultants act independently of any vendor and can provide simple, independent advice.
  • Responsive – Our consultants are handpicked for their attitude and we pride ourselves on our communication and our responsiveness. Quick and accurate turnaround of wellsite data at the end of operations saves time and therefore money. For integrated projects we understand that our deliverables form a key part of our customer’s workflow and therefore timely delivery is central to high quality service delivery.
  • Experienced – Our domain consultants have a minimum of 20 years’ experience in their specialisation within a vendor organisation – so they understand the services and tools from the inside out. This can bring a perspective to downhole technologies, their strengths and weaknesses that may not have been considered.
  • Simple – Customers can either choose a day-rate solution (chargeable by the hour) or a fixed cost for a project. A simple and cost-effective pricebook is available which details all of our services on request. For ad-hoc consultancy and advisory services this is charged by the hour which can help control costs. For interpretation or quick look reports each service has a flat charge.
  • Integrated – one&zero use their cloud-based WiPort™ system for data delivery and reporting. Our customers are provided secure access to this system to monitor work in progress and expected delivery times. When our QA/QC consultants are present at the wellsite then data transfer and communication is seamless.
  • Flexible – We are not dedicated to using any particular software solution and can work under your inhouse software license or provide our own on request.