Beyond Collar & Thread Inspections

There are distinct differences between QA/QC for wireline and M/LWD. We have worked extensively with our clients to adapt our proven wireline processes to deliver a QA/QC dashboard solution which is very different to what has been done before within the industry.

It has proven to be effective for the QA/QC consultant to be engaged during the preparation of equipment for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the required equipment to deliver the M/LWD programme is available and maintained as per the service provider’s quality management system (including operational tests and calibrations)
  • Review the choice of assets to the sub-component level to ensure that there is no outstanding maintenance or history of failures
  • Provide visibility on the status of all equipment being placed in the BHA and which assets will be used as main and backup
  • Provide visibility to where assigned assets are physically located during the preparation phase and the lead times to operational readiness
  • Provide visibility on secondary backups and availability in the event of failure (during preparation or operations phases)
  • Ensure that the correct equipment is shipped offshore
  • Ensure crews are competent to perform the planned operations

QA/QC Dashboard

Our QA/QC dashboard delivered through the WiPortTM cloud provides visibility on a number of key metrics for vendor preparedness including:

  • Current asset location and historical movements for main, backup and contingency assets
  • Equipment transport lead times
  • Maintenance status and asset history
  • Service levels assigned and maintenance lead times
  • Calibrations
  • Competency levels of assigned personnel
  • Third party inspections
  • Key location KPIs