Wireline & M/LWD Operations Assurance and Data Evaluation Services

one&zero have a tried and tested process called O.P.E.R.A™ for ensuring operations are de-risked from the pre-tender phase through to post-job data evaluation. We have evolved an effective set of services, underpinned by cloud technologies and standardised workflows, to ensure consistently high-levels of service delivery from both one&zero and the chosen wireline or M/LWD vendor.

Our range of services are shown below:

Operational Planning:

  • ITT/Tender Support
  • Commercial Support
  • Services Advisory
  • Morpheus™ Audits
  • Logging Programme
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tension Modelling
  • Conveyance


  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset History Review
  • Asset Selection
  • Outgoing System Tests
  • Certification Checks
  • Load-out Checks
  • Competency Assessment


  • Wellsite Supervision
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Programme Execution
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Real-time Interpretation
  • Performance
  • Communications

Review Data:

  • Real-time Acquisition Support
  • Post Log Data Verification
  • Quick Look Interpretation
  • Quick Answer Product
  • Performance Analytics


  • Log Analysis & Interpretation
  • Field Studies
  • Continuous Improvement


one&zero see wireline operations QA/QC as a process. O.P.E.R.A.™ represents the key stages of the data acquisition job cycle: Operational Planning, Preparation, Execution, Review and Analysis. We can support your operations at every stage...

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There are distinct differences between QA/QC for wireline and M/LWD. We have worked extensively with our clients to adapt our proven wireline processes to deliver a QA/QC dashboard solution which is very different to what has been done...

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MorpheusTM is a system designed specifically for assessing the operational readiness of your chosen service provider. This has proven most effective at the tender and planning phases of wireline and M/LWD operations...

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Domain Expert Consulting

DEx brings our customers flexible access to the most experienced data consultants in the realm of wireline and LWD data acquisition. Our consultants working both individually to provide dedicated support, or as a team to deliver best-in-class...

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