UK Shale

UK Shale

The 14th landward licensing round in the UK has opened up new acreage for innovative companies to maximise the value of the nation’s shale oil and gas resources for the benefit of multiple stakeholders. We want to be part of this process, and believe that a key factor in ensuring this happens is the efficient acquisition of high-quality data-sets through QA/QC witnessing. Our experience of log data acquisition and the phases of operational planning, preparation, execution and review, ensures our clients receive the highest quality of service from their chosen service providers.

Log Witnesses in the North West

one&zero are based in the North West (UK) and have been providing wireline and LWD witnessing services to clients around the world since 2010. Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to be able to respond to each client’s needs at short notice and can be on-site within 48hrs from call-off.

Global Knowledge

The opportunity to develop the UK’s onshore resources presents new challenges. We want to bring our experience in the field of data acquisition to assist our clients in meeting their objectives effectively.

The success of the North Sea and the offshore industry  was built on the successful collaboration of pioneers from many disciplines and many countries. one&zero are building ties with a number of institutions in the UK and the US to bring the most up-to-date knowledge to our clients. We are seeking to strengthen these ties by building bridges from our clients back to those institutions, enabling all stakeholders to benefit from the latest research and technologies.

Flexible Pricing

We want to provide our clients with a pricing structure which meets the cost-environment of onshore E&P. We are happy to discuss these needs directly and have an attractive set of fixed pricing structures to ensure that wells can be budgeted without unnecessary cost creep.