Wireline QA/QC with O.P.E.R.A.™

one&zero see wireline operations QA/QC as a process. O.P.E.R.A.TM represents the key stages of the data acquisition job cycle: Operational Planning, Preparation, Execution, Review and Analysis. We can support your operations at every stage.

Our approach to QA/QC utilises standardised workflows combined with unique cloud-based technologies. These workflows and technologies have a dual purpose of consistently raising the levels of service provider performance, whilst providing visibility of the QA/QC process through the one&zero WiPortTM cloud-based solution.

The execution of our systems and processes are complemented by some of the most experienced operations consultants within the industry, all having an extensive service provider background with a minimum of 10 years’ operational experience.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning

Reducing-risk upfront

Our consultants have designed, reviewed, and executed numerous open and cased-hole wireline programmes globally. At the operational planning phase we use a number of tools to enhance the QA/QC process:

  • Operational Readiness Audits using MorpheusTM enables evidence based vendor selection and reduces project risk.
  • Our knowledge-based systems and experienced consultants optimise the planning phases by highlighting risk well in advance of operations.
  • We will ensure that technical objectives are met through engineering risk assessments, conveyance strategies, DQC (Data Quality Control) workflows and resource assessments of your chosen service provider.


Resources that are fit-for-purpose

The preparation phase within the O.P.E.R.A.TM job cycle is the time at which the service provider brings together all the resources required to execute the planned operations. It has proven to be effective for the one&zero consultant to be present during the preparation of equipment and operational checks for the following reasons:

  • Ensure that the required equipment to deliver the wireline programme is available and maintained as per the service provider’s Quality Management System.
  • Ensure that the crews checking the equipment are aware of the operations plan.
  • Ensure that the correct equipment is shipped offshore.
  • Ensure crews are competent to perform the planned operations


Operational excellence at the wellsite

Unique to one&zero, is the WiPortTM cloud-based reporting and DQC system. Providing our clients with remote, real-time access to QA/QC reports via our secure server. A login is provided for each member of the operations team, giving direct access to the following information as it is being reported at the wellsite:

  • Daily Reports
  • Time sequence of events
  • Pre-job wellsite checks (rig up equipment, depth control, tension models etc)
  • Run Data Quality Control (DQC) reports
  • Pressure, sampling, coring and seismic test data
  • Service Quality Incident Reports
  • HSE and OFI (Opportunity For Improvement) reports
  • Performance Metrics


Continuous improvement through metrics

one&zero always seek continuous improvement, for both ourselves and our clients.

WiPortTM provides a means for our witnesses to capture operational performance from which our clients and their service provider can learn.

WiPortTM provides a quantitative means of understanding service provider performance, both in terms of time and service quality.

We use this information to improve performance well-by-well and to inform future operational decisions.


Managing and tracking change

Service quality, HSE and lessons learned issues which are captured during operations are assigned to a responsible person to investigate and close.

An action tracker ensures that lessons are learned from well to well and field to field.

KPIs provide a macro-level view of supplier performance across wells, indicating where improvements can be made to improve performance.

Future sourcing decisions can be made on easily accessible metrics distributed through WiPortTM