Moprheus™ Audit

Reduce Project Risk

MorpheusTM is a system designed specifically for assessing the operational readiness of your chosen service provider. This has proven most effective at the tender and planning phases of wireline and M/LWD operations.

Customers who implement an audit approach to supplier governance actively reduce risk by ensuring appropriate resources are in place to effectively execute the planned operations.

“We recently used one&zero for a service quality audit on a key service partner, focusing on a few key points. After this was carried out the findings were presented in a timely manner, highlighting several areas where improvements were, and may be, required. Service quality was noted to significantly improve”

Malcolm CoutieKraken Wells Team Lead

MorpheusTM adopts a process based approach to assessing a supplier. Unlike ISO and API Q2, our methodology is bespoke in relation to your planned operations. Our risk based analysis shows issues in real-time so they can be mitigated where possible.

Our extensive database of probes are used to understand the current status of the service provider in terms of resources and the local implementation of their quality system.

An audit is performed at the supplier base and then through risk assessment appropriate mitigation measures are developed.

one&zero’s WiPortTM cloud solution provides an action tracker system so our customers have visibility that actions have been completed.

The seven elements of Morpheus™

The Moprheus™ system focuses on seven key areas of a suppliers Quality Management System (QMS) which are pivotal to successful operations:

Equipment The systems and processes in place to ensure asset availability & utilisation which underpins efficient service delivery
People The systems and processes that are in place to ensure individuals are trained and competent to perform their role in the organisation
Facilities A review of site infrastructure to confirm that it is both functional and effective
Maintenance The maintenance systems and processes which facilitate traceable asset histories and consistent levels of reliability
Organisation A system of organisation which is understood by its members and creates an environment of responsibility and accountability
Knowledge The systems and processes used for the aggregation and dissemination of information which are necessary for effectively deploying personnel and technology
HSE The systems and processes in place to ensure the protection of human health, adherence to all applicable safety systems and consideration for the environment during all activities

Objectives of Morpheus™

  • Understand the service provider’s resources and capabilities in respect of operational requirements
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a service provider
  • Identify potential risks to service delivery
  • Work with our clients and their vendor to mitigate identified risks
  • Provide a clearly defined action tracker to ensure mitigation steps are acted on