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Global Experience

Our consultants have experience in some of the most demanding locations in the world. From high-tech locations in the North Sea to remote jungle operations.

All of our consultants have previous experience within service companies and working directly with operators. The minimum level of experience is 10 years within the sector.

CVs are available on request here. We will find the right fit for your operations. We believe that the relationship between our clients and our consultants, as your interface at the wellsite, is the key to smooth operations. We aim to build this relationship by assigning experienced individuals to your project.

Meet the Team

Jack Willis

Operations Director

Background: Schlumberger Wireline
Industry Experience: 18 Years

Jack has worked in the upstream oil & gas industry since 1999. Initially with Schlumberger in the technically demanding offshore environment of Aberdeen, providing open-hole and cased-hole/perforation services and then working internationally in Trinidad and Brazil specialising in MDT operations for BP. Jack was responsible for developing the UK pipe conveyed logging (TLC) procedures and training video for deviated wells. He is also a trained ISO (IRCA) internal auditor, seismic engineer, and a certified Marine Mammal observer (MMO).

Following his MBA, Jack continued his work as a consultant setting up a Schlumberger high volume land operations base in Romania and the Ukraine, taking it through the internal Schlumberger Quality Management System Audit and developing the organisation from 5 people (in a small container), to over 100 in a fully equipped land location within 3 years.

Since 2010 Jack has been working in a consultancy role for one&zero acting directly for oil & gas companies around the world, providing technical, commercial and operational expertise under and gaining significant exposure to different service providers. He has consulted in the North Sea, Denmark, Ireland, Angola and Peru. He has extensive experience with tender evaluation from all the major service providers.

Today Jack’s primary responsibilities include

  • Leading the development of scale-able business systems (which work)
  • Building quality relationships based on trust with our clients and their vendors
  • Finding the best people and letting them thrive within our learning environment
  • Prioritising and selecting new technology in-line with our business needs
  • Implementing one&zero’s growth strategy
  • Staying true to one&zero’s core values

Jaimin Jethwa

Lead Consultant

Background: Schlumberger Wireline & M/LWD
Industry Experience: 14 Years

Jaimin has dual British and Kenyan nationality and currently lives in Aberdeen. He started in the oil & gas industry in 2006 as a wireline field engineer with Schlumberger. His first posting was to Cameroon, followed soon after by Angola where he spent 2 years working for Sonangol and Total.

He has subsequently worked in Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, UKCS, Denmark (Dong) and Greenland, with training conducted in the UAE, USA, Canada, Norway and France. During his time in South Africa he was the Engineer in Charge, managing the wireline operations base for Schlumberger.

Jaimin spent the last 4 years of his career in Schlumberger as a formation testing and sampling specialist and trained as a reservoir engineer by Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services (DCS – Now SIS). He spent his final two years in Schlumberger as the training and development manager across Europe, Africa and Russian & Caspian regions.

Since joining one&zero he has been involved with the co-ordination of wireline operations in the UK & Norway. Jaimin has played a key role in the development of our auditing tools for M/LWD operations (MorpheusTM) and provides extensive operational planning support for wireline and M/LWD operations.

Alistair Taylor

Wireline QA/QC Consultant

Background: Schlumberger Wireline / BP Operations Petrophysicist
Industry Experience: 24 Years

Alistair started his career in 1993 and has since worked with a large number of IOCs. His technical strength lies in both open and cased-hole logging, deep water, perforation and seismic operations. He has worked globally; from the North Sea, to West Africa, the Far East and Brazil, gaining experience in operations management, contract and financial planning.

Alistair’s experience in wireline operations is built on his 18 years of field experience within Schlumberger. Following the completion of his degree at Heriott-Watt he was trained in open-hole and cased-hole services during his training period in Schlumberger. He became a General Field Engineer in 2001. He was subsequently chosen to be a lead engineer for a number Schlumberger’s key clients globally, including Petronas and Exxon Mobil.

Following his extensive Schlumberger career, Alistair was given a role in BP who recognised his wealth of knowledge as a valuable asset. BP provided further training in petrophysics including the use of Techlog and specific training on cement bond log evaluation. His role in BP provided a solid basis for his current work with one&zero, providing expert support during the planning, preparation, execution and post-job phases of wireline logging operations.

Paolo Corciulo

Wireline QA/QC Consultant

Background: Schlumberger Wireline
Industry Experience: 14 Years

14 years of international field (PFE) and management (EIC) experience with Schlumberger wireline. Now maximising data quality and co-ordinating wireline operations for the clients of one&zero.

An Aerospace Engineer with experience working at the European Space Agency, Paolo is an Italian with a flair for languages. He worked for the ESA and Boeing, before joining Schlumberger as a Field Engineer in Italy, working across Europe.

Before joining the team at one&zero, Paolo was one of the new breed of Field Engineer, developing strong cased-hole and open-hole services proficiency and was rewarded with his General Field Engineer role in 2010. He was promoted to Professional Field Engineer (PFE) and recognised as a true leader in his profession, with skills, experience and capability matched by very few globally. Working mainly in Norway and integrally involved with frequent record breaking and trend setting innovations in wireline engineering, he delivered operations in deepwater, HPHT, high tension and unconventional settings including Tractor and Capstan technologies.

In 2016 Paolo was promoted to Engineer in Charge of the Continental Europe operations base, overseeing and running high profile operations and working closely with management and sales to ensure customer service delivery.

More recently he has been involved with high profile operations with one&zero, co-ordinating wireline operations with Hurricane Energy, BP and Perenco and Siccar Point in the North Sea.

Thomas Knabe

Wireline QA/QC Consultant / Business Development

Background: Schlumberger Wireline / HKN Operations Petrophysicist
Industry Experience: 12 Years

After graduating from University in Dresden, Germany as an Industrial Engineer, Thomas has worked for 12 years in the oil & gas industry. He initially trained in open-hole and cased-hole services as a wireline Field Engineer for Schlumberger Oilfield Services. He gained his experience as a field engineer in central and eastern Europe, setting up a new operations base in Romania. He subsequently worked in North Africa performing open and cased-hole services.

Following his time in Schlumberger he became an independent wireline QA/QC consultant in the North Sea area & Middle East in 2011.

More recently he has worked for HKN Energy in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Acting there as a wireline and LWD supervisor for open-hole logging, production logging, perforations, as well as performing contract analysis and negotiation

Motivated team player with a firm operational, commercial and technical foundation developed during business ownership, sound engineering, project management. He has worked both onshore and offshore in some of the harshest environments in the world. He is used to working long hours, to making fast decisions, communicating clearly and to paying close attention to details.

Martin Hayes

M/LWD QA/QC Consultant

Background: Schlumberger M/LWD Engineer/ Drilling Engineer & Tullow Drilling Engineer
Industry Experience: 22 Years

Martin’s role at one&zero is primarily contract analysis and tender review and auditing, for DD, LWD, MWD and Well Engineering. His experience comes from a technical and sales background which was formed within the service provider and operator environments, and gives him a real insight into what clients need and what vendors offer. Martin is based in Norwich.

Beginning his oilfield career in mudlogging, he moved through the ranks as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger D&M, before being recognised for his technical ability and becoming a Schlumberger training school instructor. In this role, he was at the forefront of new technology and measurements, pioneered full cross segment training and managed classes for students from all over the world.

His next role as a Drilling Engineer in Aberdeen gave him exposure to multiple clients, drilling techniques, environments and methods, and he continued to teach as a NExT instructor. This was a core technical support role where well engineering and design were the everyday work.

After leaving Schlumberger, Martin joined Torus Insurance in London, working as an Account Engineer. The focus in this role was risk assessment, well control and well engineering risk modelling, giving him a real insight into the business aspects of well engineering. Before consulting with one&zero he moved to Tullow Oil as a Senior Drilling Engineer, project leading the Ghana TEN developments and being responsible for drilling and well construction input into the project from FEED to delivery. A summary of Martin’s CV is found below:

Sandy Duncan

Cased-hole wireline consultant

Background: Schlumberger Wireline (Cased-Hole)

Industry Experience: 28 Years

Sandy joined Schlumberger in 1990 working as a crew member for both open and cased-hole services. His skills were quickly recognised and moved quickly through the ranks including positions as field engineer, engineer in charge, field services manager, integrated project manager, new technology manager and finishing his time with Schlumberger a business development manager in 2015.

We can safely say that Sandy knows the wireline business from the ground up, with cased-hole a focus. He is currently providing this cased-hole logging support to one&zero on a consultancy basis and is proving a valuable member of the team.

He has international experience having worked in the UK, Caspian and Middle East North Africa regions.

Nicolas Will

Information Architect

Background: Schlumberger SIS - Global Business Development Manager
Industry Experience: 22 Years

Nicolas is the information architect, working alongside our developers to create the systems on which one&zero is built. Nicolas has a multidiscipline background having worked in various roles within Schlumberger information Solutions since 1996. Initially as an IT solutions manager and engineer, he subsequently focussed on strategy, marketing and sales as the Global Business Manager for SIS Real Time Drilling Services since 2010. His knowledge, capabilities and expertise make him the perfect fit for one&zero’s vision.